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Anti-Dust Protective Cover for PS5

Anti-Dust Protective Cover for PS5

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PlayStation 5 protective cover. Full protection for PlayStation 5 consoles. The protective cover made of soft nylon effectively protects against all possible environmental influences such as dust, UV light, liquids or scratches. Durable and effective, 100% accurate and easy to use. Prevents damage to the console, intrusion of foreign objects and thus increases the lifespan of your PS5. Thanks to the opening on the back of the cover, it is not necessary to remove the cables beforehand. Just pull over it, done! Ingenious protection for households in which pets live or are smoked. Protects just as effectively against animal hair and claws or deposits from smoke. So your PlayStation 5 console stays fresh & clean like on the first day.

Attention: Please do not use the protective cover when the console is switched on to avoid overheating and possible hardware damage.


Color: Black
Dimensions: 395 x 265 x 90mm
Weight: 220g
Material outside: high quality nylon
Material inside: soft polyester
Compatibility: PlayStation 5 Disc & Digital Edition
Protection against dust, scratches, liquids, sunlight, pet hair, smoke, dirt and other deposits
High quality
100% new goods


1x PS5 dust cover in black


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