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Thumbstick caps silicone set of 2 grip attachments for Xbox Series S|X

Thumbstick caps silicone set of 2 grip attachments for Xbox Series S|X

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These silicone stick attachments improve your gameplay noticeably after a very short time. The knobs on the top offer 100% more grip and prevent slipping even with sweaty thumbs.

More grip with the smart thumbstick attachments. Optimize your gameplay on the online battlefield or play relaxed offline. The caps are suitable for any type of game. Stay in control even in heated situations and play with comfort even in longer sessions without losing your precision. Increase grip and precision with these attachments and also protect your original sticks from wear and tear. They can be easily cleaned with water and, thanks to the bright colors, give your controller a visually individual and fresh look. The flexible silicone attachments are easy to put on and compatible with Xbox Series S/X gamepads.


Stick Design: Concave
Colours: black
2x Controller Thumbstick Silicone Grips for Xbox Series S|X
More grip, precision and comfort
Improved Aim
Faster movements
Up to 40% more radius
100% fit accuracy
easy installation
Specially designed for FPS Shooter offline and online
Suitable e.g. for Call of Duty, Warzone, Battlefield, Apex, Fortnite, Destiny, Pubg etc.
Protection against wear and tear


2x thumbstick attachments for Xbox Series S|X


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